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Why do you need an editor?

Everyone needs an editor – even an editor needs an editor. Editors can help you create a respected business image, get your resume in shape for that perfect job or help you jump the bridge between a B and A+ essay. Even if you have superb language skills, you need someone to objectively review your text.

But I’m not just an editor…

I consider words my craft and passion, and through years of dedication and practice, I can take editing and writing to the next level :  a place where words can become as organic as the ideas they’re trying to express.

Whether you’re a busy professional, business owner or student, whether you can’t quite say exactly what you want or don’t know quite how to say it, I am a dedicated specialist who’s your key to success with words.

I proofread, edit, revise, re-write, and perfect your project. Whether it’s a memo, letter, advertisement, essay, report, website, or manuscript,  I’ll comb all tangles out of it, leaving only seamless quality.

If your project is special and unique, such as a first novel, or a collection of poems, I’d love to work with you to make it better without leaving a trace of tampering with your original voice.

Am I expensive?

There is an anecdote I heard once about the origins of the phrase this will cost you an arm and a leg. Back in the day, way before we all had cell phones with cameras in them, people actually commissioned real portraits: you know, the kind done by a real, live person using a paint brush. If the painter was focusing on the face or painting from the waist up, there was no need to spend extra time on the subject’s arms or legs. Thus, the painting was cheaper. Requesting arms and legs painted incurred an extra cost. Hence the expression: if you want that little “extra,” it’ll cost you an arm and a leg.

My reason for bringing up this seemingly useless piece of trivia is simple: as a wordsmith committed to expressing thoughts, concepts and emotions eloquently yet clearly, I don’t believe such quality should be costing you an arm and a leg: my mission as a writer and editor is to help you create a quality product at a pretty decent price.

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